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Don't place your weight on the scale!

STOP doing it! Damn straight, stop putting your WEIGHT on that SCALE.

Often we value the weight on the scale, it determines our happiness and success in health and fitness. I wish for everyone to stay away from scales.

A pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat. FALSE.

A pound weighs a pound. One of the reasons muscle is beneficial is because it takes up less space. Fat on our bodies tends to take up more space.

Here is an example, 45-15% body fat.

Body Composition Chart

What is important is composition. Having healthy body composition.

Our goal should be having health body composition. More Muscles, Less Fat!

5lbs Of Fat & Muscle

Stop weighing yourself to determine your success. A number on a scale is just a number on a scale.

I have my clients emphasize healthy lifestyle markers.

  • Are you sleeping regularly ?

  • How are your energy levels?

  • Do you get sick often?

  • Do you have any pains?

  • How do your clothes fit?

  • Do you feel empowered, Can you take on the world?

  • Are you stronger?

  • Do you have more endurance?

  • Are you flexible both physically and mentally?

  • Have you moved beyond fitness into competition?

The above are great health markers to evaluate your success. If a health program has no concern with the above health markers............ RUN!

There's no logical means of using just a scale to determine how healthy you are. You don't quantify who you are and what your potential is! You QUALIFY based on your health and not some number.

Godspeed my friends,

David Piggott (CPT,CES,PES)

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